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RCP has been formed as a private ltd company with its sole aim to offer a system to warehouse operators asolution to prevent the collapsing of pallet racking.

I have been working in the food and storage in industry for some 30 years, controlling day to day management of systems in both areas of food production and warehouse management.

It has always been a concern of any warehouse operator of the dangers that exist within a storage facility of the pallet racking to fail, and although there are systems in place to minimize the risk they are floored by the fact that they are reliant on physical inspections for damage, and cannot be used as a prevention method since an operator can accidently cause a rack to collapse through loss of control of the fork lift that he may be using.

I realised that if there was a method of minimizing the risk of collapse then not only would it protect and safeguard the lives of personnel but also safeguard stock loss. It was decided to trial the system to ascertain the theory of the system, this was then trialled within a steel framed building with the system fitted to the racking. We then loaded the racking as if to replicate a typical warehouse and then we damaged 1 of the support legs as if it had been hit by a fork lift, The racking dropped slightly but was prevented from collapsing due to the support system that was in place, The result was such that we then continued to cause the remaining legs to fail and still there was no collapse. Had the support system not been in place then the racking would have collapsed on the first leg that was damaged.

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