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Delivering Risk-Free Working Environments With Rack Collapse Prevention's Unique Racking Safety Systems

Rack Collapse Prevention’s sole aim is to offer a warehouse safety system for warehouse operators which prevents pallet racking collapse.

We’ve pioneered a method for minimizing rack collapse risk that would not only protect and safeguard lives but would also protect and safeguard against valuable stock loss.

Undergoing trials and demonstrating its effectiveness in real world scenarios, our safety system is installed in facilities across the UK and Europe.

Pallet Racking Risks

Without Rack Collapse prevention’s safety support system, damaged pallet racking has the potential to collapse from single leg impact.

In a typical steel framed warehouse, where our safety system is fitted to fully loaded racking, in the event of a single or multiple support leg damage incident due to forklift operator error, racking would drop slightly but would remain stable and prevented from rack collapse failure.

With over 30 years food and storage industry experience, we can help you identify and remove the dangers for storage facility warehouse operators of pallet racking failure.

Although there are systems in place to minimize risk, unlike our safety system, they are reliant on physical damage inspections and cannot be used as a preventative measure against forklift truck operator error, accidents and rack collapse.

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