Effective Rack Collapse Systems

Rack Collapse Prevention’s system offers Total Peace of Mind.

“Whilst carrying out the installation, the team were professional and efficient, always accommodating the needs of the business, which often meant working outside of business hours at no extra cost. I would highly recommend other businesses to take the step to further protect their employees and business by installing this system with Rack Collapse Prevention."

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Racking Collapse is a significant risk in warehouses with manually operated Forklift trucks, we have been looking for a way to further mitigate the risk and were impressed when we saw the Racking Collapse Prevention System exhibited at last year’s Safety Event - Birmingham. We have installed the system in our high bay warehouse and are the first manufacturing company to do this. We are pleased to have installed this additional protection for our workforce.

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I saw Craig and RCP systems at the Health and Safety Event at the NEC in 2018 and was struck by the simplicity and innovation of their approach. Phytone, as an affiliate of DuPont, are committed to ensuring not only legal compliance but best practice in Health and Safety. Racking collapse is a major concern for any warehousing operation, and we decided that the initial outlay for the collapse prevention system was insignificant compared to the potential loss of one of our colleagues.

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After recently identifying a problem within our store’s facility where one of our employees damaged one of the pallet racking legs it was apparent that all of the racking could of collapsed causing what could have been a major stock loss. We appointed RCP to install their safety system.

​Since the install our employees feel much safer working within the storage areas. I can highly recommend RCP for their commitment and efficiency to the project.

testimonial Speedfab Midlands Metal Fabrications

Having heard about RCP’s safety system and looking for a solution that would further reduce risk, having seen many racking collapse incidents on social media, and already having rack leg protection, this system offered total peace of mind.

I would highly recommend Craig and his team, you can tell they have worked in warehousing environments for a long time, and that they understand that downtime needs to be minimal and flexible around workflow. We are very pleased, and the installation was completed on time and caused minimal disruption to our daily routine.

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Oakland International was looking for a warehouse safety solution which would give us the confidence that we were providing the safest possible working environment for our team members whilst also protecting the business from the potential risks associated with a full-scale racking collapse. On many occasions at board meetings we had discussed the risk associated with racking collapse and had moved this to one of our highest levels of risk concern, taking the decision to install Rack Collapse Prevention’s unique safety system in September 2016.

Following installation, their safety system has ensured the business has been incident free since 2016, which is a great testimony. We are absolutely convinced by the effectiveness of Rack Collapse Prevention’s pallet racking safety system, which is now installed in all our warehouses.

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