Reduced Insurance Premiums

Installation of Rack Collapse Prevention's racking safety system can deliver a range of benefits including Reduced Insurance Premiums

Independently Tested

Rigorously and Independently Tested by structural engineers and proven in a major incident to operate well within roof structure load limits of warehouses built within the last 15+ years.

Protect Workforce

In impact events where our safety system has been installed damaged racking remains standing, crucially protecting against loss of life, business disruption and damage to Brand.

Why Choose Rack Collapse Prevention?

UK designed, and UK and European patented, it is the ONLY PROVEN racking safety system to eliminate racking collapse.

Rack Collapse Prevention’s ability to operate safely extends to an Indemnity Commitment.

Ideal for any storage facility with pallet racking, our safety system is suitable for AMBIENT, CHILLED or FROZEN environments.

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Why Choose Rack Collapse Prevention?

With over 30 years food and storage industry experience, we can help you identify and remove the dangers for storage facility warehouse operators of pallet racking failure.

Patented Technology

The ONLY PROVEN safety system to eliminate racking collapse.

Effective Solution

Suitable for AMBIENT, CHILLED or FROZEN environments.

Non-Intrusive Install

Top supporting, 100% Structure Integrity guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to our most common questions.

Can Rack Collapse Prevention be retrofitted?

Yes - it can be installed to existing racking or as part of a new build.

How does it differ to traditional racking safety systems?

Our safety system prevents catastrophic failure by supporting from the steel superstructure rather than reinforcing from the bottom, meaning in the event of an impact event the structure remains standing, protecting both staff and inventory.

Has it been tested?

Yes – it has been proved and tested in real-world scenarios and delivered outstanding results.

Can it be used in any environment?

Yes – it is perfect for any storage facility and suitable for AMBIENT, CHILLED and FROZEN environments.

Will it pull my roof down?

No - the load applied, if the racking is compromised, is minimal and there would be no damage to the roof.

Can it be fitted to my racking?

It can be fitted to any make and type of racking.

Will it obstruct pallet locations?


If my racking layout changes can it be altered?

Yes - it can be altered to suit.

Will my insurance reduce?

Yes - Insurance companies should reduce premiums as it reduces risk.