How To Stop Rack Collapses

Fitted in all temperature environments, UK manufactured Rack Collapse Prevention’s top supporting safety system is the only proven safety system in an impact event to stop rack collapses.

Supporting from the top means in collision events racking structures remain stable and standing, protecting stock, staff and removes the potential for significant business disruption. Exceptionally hard-wearing and different to other racking safety systems on the market, Rack Collapse Prevention's racking safety system delivers several benefits including reduced insurance premiums.

Rack Collapse Prevention Company Founder Craig Attwell commented: “Businesses employ our safety system because it works and stops any damaged racking from leaning past its point of no return, and so eliminates the risk of progressive racking collapse.

“When installed our safety system is maintenance free and provides the confidence and knowledge that personnel are operating in both a safe and protected working environment.”

With any form of pallet racking, and particularly at height, there is an increased risk of racking failure, with accidents typically caused by operator error or incorrect pallet stacking. A damaged racking leg, whilst under load, will experience considerable downward pressure, forcing the rack leg to buckle and lose the structure’s ability to withstand its intended load, causing the rack to collapse, and possible domino effect on any other racking attached to or in its proximity.

Rack Collapse Prevention’s safety system is installed in numerous ambient, chilled and frozen warehouses and storage facilities across the UK, Europe, Ireland and the Western Hemisphere, with the system also suitable for earthquake-prone regions.