Rack Collapse Prevention: A Unique and Effective Racking Safety System

Product summary: benefits, market expansion and innovation

Rack Collapse Prevention offers an innovative racking safety system that prevents racking collapse in warehouses and storage facilities.

The system is designed to support the racking structure from the top, rather than reinforcing it from the bottom, and to stop the damaged rack from leaning past its point of no return. This way, the system eliminates the risk of progressive racking collapse, which can cause serious injuries, damage, and business disruption.

The safety system is the only proven racking safety system on the market that can achieve this level of protection. UK designed and UK and European patented, it is suitable for any storage facility using pallet racking, whether in ambient, chilled, or frozen environments. The system is also ideal for earthquake-prone regions, as it can withstand seismic forces and keep the racking structure stable and standing.

Rack Collapse Prevention's safety system has been attracting interest from home and abroad, as more customers recognize its value and effectiveness. Installed in warehouses and storage facilities across Europe, the UK, Ireland, and the Western Hemisphere, expansion continues as does market reach and reputation.

Introducing Spy Rack

As part of our continuous commitment to R&D rack safety, we have introduced Spy Rack, a warehouse pallet racking monitoring system that detects racking impacts and notifies via a dedicated Smartphone App.

Spy Rack also records and saves impact events to locate weak areas and impact ‘hot zones’ and can work as a separate safety system or together with our ‘top supporting’ warehouse racking safety system.

With more than three decades of experience in the food and storage industry, Company Founder, Craig Attwell, is dedicated to offering racking safety solutions that make the warehouse workplace safer for staff.