Rack Collapse Prevention Completes Derbyshire Install

Recognised for its business and safety benefits Rack Collapse Prevention’s safety system has now been installed by a well-known and market leading hot water, cooling, and energy-saving heating company in the East Midlands.

Rack Collapse Prevention Founder Craig Attwell commented: “We are delighted that they chose our safety system as it suits their needs today, and in the future, with the installation undertaken at night to ensure daily operations weren’t impacted.”

Installed in the company’s ambient warehouse of some 18m encompassed around 300 racking frames at heights of some 12m and was completed out of standard working hours over a five-night period so as not to impede their manufacturing processes.

Rack Collapse Prevention uses cables suspended from the building's steel structure attached to each leg. When a building's structure isn't suitable then a secondary structure is installed to form a support for the suspension cables and never impacts structure integrity.

A damaged racking leg under load experiences considerable down pressure and will force the leg to buckle and lose the structure’s ability to sustain its intended load capacity, eventually leading to collapse, and the potential domino effect to any other racking attached to, or in its vicinity.

Rigorously and independently tested by structural engineers and recognised in major incidents to operate within roof structure load limits, all buildings are assessed prior to installation for suitability. Top supporting, the compromised rack load never gets transferred and is proven in real-world racking impact events. Racking failure is amplified at height and with all forms of pallet racking comes risk.

Added Craig: “Putting safety above all else, one of their top concerns was removing any potential for racking collapse.

“We are delighted to have provided their team with a safer working environment.”

Installed in ambient, chilled, and frozen warehouses and storage facilities across the UK, Europe, Ireland, and the Western Hemisphere, Rack Collapse Prevention’s safety system is also suitable for earthquake-prone regions.