Rack Collapse Prevention Completes Multi-Site Install

Rack Collapse Prevention is delighted having completed a multi-site install for a specialist UK removals and storage company providing turnkey customer solutions encompassing home removals and storage, office relocations and move management.

This latest install in London, Cambridge and Chester of modest racking heights up to 10 metres and storage capacities of some 1,500 pallets, Rack Collapse Prevention only took between one and two-days each to complete.

Rack Collapse Prevention Founder Craig Attwell explained: “Transportation and storage of personal and commercial goods come in all shapes, sizes and quantities, meaning pallet racking can reach quite significant heights and capable of storing expensive equipment and personal property, which in many cases would be quite irreplaceable. So having assessed and understood the risks involved, should a rack fail, we were engaged to secure each of the three sites.”

Trusted and used in numerous ambient, chilled and frozen warehouses and storage facilities across the UK, Europe, Ireland, and the Western Hemisphere, Rack Collapse Prevention works with and supports businesses across numerous industry sectors including supply chain, food storage and logistics to remove the risk of racking failure.

An established and proven system in real-world racking impact events Rack Collapse Prevention’s safety system is designed for any facility where pallet racking is used. Rigorously and independently tested by structural engineers and recognised in major incidents to operate within roof structure load limits, all buildings are assessed for suitability prior to installation. Top supporting, cables are suspended from the building's steel structure and attached to each leg. When a building's steel structure isn't suitable then a secondary steel structure is installed to form a support for the suspension cables which never impacts structure integrity.

Added Craig: “With all forms of pallet racking the risk of racking failure due to an impact event is amplified at height. These installations when compared to other warehouses and storage facilities using our racking safety system were simple and straight forward to complete.

“It’s satisfying to know that we’ve not only protected expensive and priceless personal property, but that we’ve also provided a team with a safer working environment.”

In all impact events where Rack Collapse Prevention's safety system is installed, the compromised rack load never gets transferred. A damaged racking leg under load experiences considerable down pressure and will force the leg to buckle and lose the structure’s ability to sustain its intended load capacity, eventually leading to collapse, and the potential domino effect to any other racking attached to, or in its vicinity. Rack Collapse Prevention is suitable for use in earthquake-prone regions.