Rack Collapse Prevention's Top Approach to Warehouse Safety

Designed for warehouses and all storage facilities where pallet racking is used, award winning Rack Collapse Prevention’s unique UK and EU patented top-supporting pallet racking safety system is transforming pallet racking safely.

There are over 700 racking collapses in the UK annually and when they happen, they have a shattering impact on business and can result in significant financial loss, business disruption, brand damage and at worst put warehouse personnel lives at serious risk of injury or death.

Managing Director Craig Attwell explains: “Traditional floor-based racking guards have their benefits but also significant limitations in preventing racking collapse, particularly in the event of a major impact.

“Rack Collapse Prevention’s top supporting safety system is a world first in racking safety. Using wire suspension cables from the racking top rather than supporting from the bottom, means in any impact-event the structure remains standing, protecting both staff and stock.”

In the event a building’s structure is not suitable, then a secondary steel structure can be installed, which doesn’t impact structure integrity and forms a support for the suspension cables, insuring zero weight-transfer from the compromised rack-load.

With any form of pallet racking there is an inherent risk of racking failure. Any damaged leg under load experiences considerable down pressure, forcing the damaged racking leg to buckle and removing the structure’s ability to endure its intended rack load capacity, eventually leading to rack collapse, with the added potential for a domino effect to any other racking attached to the damaged racking, or in close proximity.

Where installed and fitted to fully loaded racking in a classic steel framed warehouse, in the event of a single or multiple support leg damage incident, racking would drop slightly but remain stable and prevent rack collapse failure. Benefits derived directly from installing Rack Collapse Prevention’s safety system includes reduced insurance premiums, eliminating the risk of racking collapse, maintenance free and it helps to reduce the risk of serious injury and death.

The safety system can be installed in ambient, chilled and frozen environments, indeed anywhere where pallet racking is used.

Added Crag: “Companies who have installed our safety system have commented that they feel secure in the knowledge that they have gone beyond mandatory safety requirements and prioritised the health, safety and wellbeing of their employees.

“UK designed and UK and EU patented, our warehouse safety system has been installed in numerous warehouses and storage facilities in the UK, Ireland and Europe.”

Changes to legislation in recent years has led to a greater focus on the health and safety of staff working in the logistics industry and in particular busy warehouse operations. Rack Collapse Prevention’s system is ground-breaking in terms of eliminating risk to life and to business continuity in the event of a racking collapse, and able to be fitted to existing and new pallet racking infrastructures.

Rack Collapse prevention is a trusted industry partner, with over 30-years food, warehouse and storage industry experience, helping a growing number of SME’s, internationals and corporates identify and remove the associated dangers from pallet racking failure.