Rhino System

Our Unique System-Innovation in Warehousing

A system designed to be installed into storage facilities where pallet racking is used to hold and store pallets of products varying from food to motor parts.

With any type of pallet racking especially when a height of 6 meters and above is exceeded there is an uncontrollable risk for the racking to fail, this is usually due to operator error on fork lifts or incorrect stacking of pallets.

If a leg on the racking is damaged whilst under load, then the downward pressure from the pallets being supported will force the leg to buckle thus losing any structural support causing the complete rack to collapse, this in turn will cause a domino effect on any and all other racking that is either attached or close to the rack in question.

Stock loss can be astronomical let alone the danger to any personal within the facility.

RCP has designed a system to prevent racks from collapsing by means of using wire ropes suspended from the steel structure of the building if possible and then attached to each leg.

When the buildings steel structure cannot be used then a secondary steel structure is installed to form a support for the suspension ropes.

With this system in place any leg that is damaged will not be able to buckle or collapse thus preventing any domino effect within the storage facility.

Without RCP

  1. Complete loss of stock
  2. Business interruption
  3. Loss of sales
  4. Loss of customer’s and confidence
  5. Cash flow
  6. Health safety
  7. Loss of life

With RCP

  1. No stock loss
  2. Health and safety issues are reduced to a minimum
  3. Reduced insurance
  4. Quick payback
  5. Increased customer confidence

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