Racking Safety System

Rack Collapse Prevention's Unique Patented Safety System Innovation in Warehousing

Designed for any storage facility where pallet racking is used to hold or store product pallets, our safety system can be installed in AMBIENT, CHILLED and FROZEN environments.

Food to Motor Parts

With any form of pallet racking, there is risk of racking failure, typically caused by forklift truck operator error or incorrect pallet stacking.

A damaged racking leg, whilst under load, will experience considerable downward pressure, forcing the leg to buckle and losing the structure’s ability to withstand its intended load capacity, ultimately causing the rack to collapse, and potentially causing a domino effect on any other racking it is attached to or in proximity with.

Valuable Stock Loss and Risk to Life

Rack Collapse Prevention’s safety system uses wire ropes suspended from the building’s steel structure and is attached to each leg.

All buildings are assessed for suitability prior to install using our purpose-built algorithm.

When a building’s steel structure cannot be used then a secondary steel structure is installed to form a support for the suspension ropes, with the system not affecting structure integrity as any compromised rack load is not transferred.

Rack Collapse Prevention’s safety system stops the damaged rack from leaning past its point of no return and removes the potential for progressive rack collapse.

With our safety system in place any damaged rack will not buckle or collapse, removing any potential domino effect within the storage facility.

WITHOUT Our Safety System

  • Complete loss of stock
  • Business interruption
  • Loss of sales
  • Loss of customer’s and confidence
  • Cash flow
  • Health safety
  • Loss of life

WITH Our Safety System

  • No stock loss or damage
  • Health and safety issues are reduced to a minimum
  • Reduced insurance
  • Quick payback
  • Increased customer confidence

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