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Oakland International took the decision to install the unique safety system provided by RCP in September 2016. We had on many occasions at board meetings discussed the risk associated with racking collapse and had moved this to one of our highest levels of risk concern. We were looking for a solution which would give us the confidence that we were providing the safest possible working environment for our team members whilst also protecting the business from the potential risks associated with a full-scale racking collapse.

Following the installation of the RCP rack collapse prevention system, we did have an incident in which the upright racking supports were hit by a forklift – the suspension system installed kicked in to play and we believe prevented what could have been a serious risk of a collapse of one or more rows of racking.

We are absolutely convinced by the effectiveness of the new rack protection system and have committed to install the system in our Corby and Ireland warehouses.”

Oakland International

Tel 01527 596222

Speedfab Midlands

 After recently identifying a problem within our stores facility where one of our employees damaged one of the pallet racking legs it was apparent that all of the racking could of collapsed causing what could have been a major stock loss. We appointed RCP to install there safety system.
​Since the install our employees feel much safer working within the storage areas. I can highly recommend RCP for their commitment and efficiency to the project.

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