Our Patented System

UK designed, and UK and European patented, it is the ONLY PROVEN racking safety system to eliminate racking collapse.

Ideal for any storage facility with pallet racking, our safety system is suitable for AMBIENT, CHILLED or FROZEN environments.

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Reduced Insurance Premiums

Installation of Rack Collapse Prevention’s racking safety system can deliver a range of benefits including Reduced Insurance Premiums

Independently Tested

Rigorously and Independently Tested by structural engineers and proven in a major incident to operate well within roof structure load limits of warehouses built within the last 15+ years.

Protect Workforce

In impact events where our safety system has been installed damaged racking remains standing, crucially protecting against loss of life, business disruption and damage to Brand.

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The Rack Collapse Prevention System in Action

Rack Collapse Prevention is installed in warehouses and storage facilities across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

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No Stock Loss or Damage

Not only protect and safeguard lives but protect and safeguard against valuable stock loss.

Patented Technology

The ONLY PROVEN safety system to eliminate racking collapse.

Increase Confidence

Seen as going beyond mandatory safety requirements; prioritising health, safety and wellbeing of employees.

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Rack Collapse Prevention's Top Approach to Warehouse Safety

Rack Collapse Prevention’s top supporting safety system is a world first in racking safety. Using wire suspension cables from the racking top rather than supporting from the bottom, means in any impact-event the structure remains standing, protecting both staff and stock.
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Dale Fiddy Joins Rack Collapse Prevention as Non-Exec Director

Holding several blue-chip organisation senior roles over his 20-plus-year career within the supply chain, logistics and chilled food sector, Dale has a strong track record for developing commercial opportunities and business strategies.
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Top Approach to Pallet Racking Transforming Traditional Storage and Warehouse Safety

Ideal for at height pallet racking environments above 6-meters, the racking safety system can be installed in ambient, chilled and frozen environments. The safety system eliminates the risk from forklift operator error and or incorrect pallet stacking. 
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